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Top 5 Best Rice And Pasta Cooker In India 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Rice And Pasta Cooker

No matter where you live, rice is a typical food found in all parts of India as we are the second-largest rice producer in the world.

Rice is eaten with almost every dish, and some recipes are entirely made of rice, so you need a perfect rice cooker that is suitable for cooking your rice regularly in your home. 

Traditional rice cookers can take a long time and adjustment to cooking rice on your own, and you have to monitor the process to prevent overcooked or undercooked rice continually.

Therefore, it is better to buy a rice cooker that will automatically cook all of your meals without manually making all adjustments on a traditional rice cooker.

However, choosing the right rice cooker can be a daunting task as you will have to sort through the available options on the market to get the best deals for your needs.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Best Rice And Pasta Cooker In India that you can proudly buy to perfectly cooking rice and noodles every day. 

Which is the Best Rice and Pasta Cooker in India?

1. Havells Xpress Rice Cooker
2. Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker
3. Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker
4. Butterfly Wave Electric Rice Cooker
5. Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker

5 Best Rice And Pasta Cooker In India 2022: Review

1. Havells Xpress Rice Cooker

Havells Xpress Rice Cooker

The first electric rice and pasta cooker on our list is from Havells that offers a two-layer aluminum pot with a capacity of 1.8 liters to cook one kg of rice at a single time. 

It comes with a transparent cover and a detachable power cord so you can quickly move it from one place to another without worrying about any outlets in your kitchen. 

The rice cooker’s handle will not heat up even when you are cooking on it, and the tick body of your pot keeps rice warm for long periods without any leakage. 

If your family has 4 to 5 members, this rice cooker is the best option for you as it can cook rice perfectly, waiting 15-20 minutes to make any rice dish on your own.

  • Two years of warranty.
  • 1.8 Liters of capacity.
  • Takes less energy while working.
  • Premium built quality with matt black finish.
  • Heavy weighted.

2. Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic is an All-in-One brand that makes long-lasting rice cookers to help you cook rice and pasta uniformly with its automatic cooker. 

Regarding the warranty, you get an extended warranty period of 2 years with dedicated support to solve your rice cooker’s issues.

The lightweight rice pot from Panasonic is ideal for large families, restaurants, and bachelors to cook rice in a 2.5-liter cooker with an automatic shut-off feature. 

In addition, the product is very convenient to use and can help you quickly cook rice and pasta in the kitchen without having to do it all yourself manually.

  • Leak-proof lid.
  • Supports Auto Shut-Off.
  • Two years of warranty.
  • Portable & easy to carry.
  • Expensive than other products.

3. Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Serve your rice or pasta to your friends and family with a Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker with a simple design made from Ionized Aluminum. 

The cooker keeps your rice warm for up to five hours and comes with an auto-off function that cuts the power off when your rice or pasta is ready to eat.

It is made from a high-quality material covered with heat-resistant plastic to protect your hands from burns while using the rice cooker in your kitchen. 

Moreover, the rice cooker supports automatic cooking and a comfortable touch handle to efficiently carried it from one place to another. 

  • Equipped with Auto Shut-Off.
  • Additional Cooking pan.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Two years of warranty.
  • 1.8 Liters of Capacity.
  • Uses more energy.

4. Butterfly Wave Electric Rice Cooker

The butterfly electric rice cooker comes with an attractive and simple design available in a gold color with 1.8 liters of capacity to cook quality rice at home. 

It is made from a stainless steel material that keeps your food warm for long periods, even if you turn it off after cooking to keep your food fresh to eat.

The bottom of the electric rice and pasta cooker has rubber grips to support it while standing on a slippery surface and the detachable cord design makes it relatively easy to carry. 

Even if you forget to shut off your rice cooker, the automatic shut-down feature will keep your rice protected from overcooking, making it the best rice and pasta cooker in India. 

  • Detachable power cord.
  • Best design on the list.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • One year of warranty.
  • The Lid is not see-through.

5. Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker

Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker

Pigeon is known for its exclusive kitchen appliances like rice cookers equipped with cutting-edge technology to give you a comfortable cooking experience at your home. 

The pigeon rice cooker comes with a stainless steel lid and aluminum cooking plate that keeps your food warm for long periods inside the cooking pot.

It is a lightweight pot that offers 4 liters of capacity and one year of warranty to give you a long-lasting rice and pasta cooker that is flexible to cook anywhere. 

Moreover, the high-grade handles make the Pigeon rice cooker easy to carry and gives you a sturdy hold while moving it around in your house. 

  • Portable & Light-weighted.
  • 1.8 Liters of capacity.
  • Most affordable option.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Removable pot design.
  • No Auto Shut-Off.

A Buying Guide to Select the Best Rice and Pasta Cooker in India

If this is the first time that you are buying a rice cooker in your life, then this buying guide will tell you the important features to consider before selecting a rice cooker in India. 


Before choosing a Rice and pasta cooker for your kitchen, you need to consider the size of your family and how much capacity you will need to meet their needs. 

In general, the capacity you need for the family can be measured by how many cups of rice you cook per day in your house.  

If you have a medium-sized family, it is ideal to have about 2 to 4 liters of capacity in the rice pots and if your family size is bigger than this number, be prepared to select a larger pot size. 


Price is an important factor that you need to consider before buying an electric cooker in India while getting the required features in the same budget. 

The more features you want in your electric rice and pasta cooker, the more price you’ll have to pay, which is why one needs to find a balance between the features and the price to get both in a single product.


Electric rice and pasta cookers are quite fast compared to traditional cookers that require you to wait for hours to cook rice in them. 

Some of the advanced electric cookers also come with an auto shut-off feature that lets you automatically do all the functions to reduce cooking time, and you can focus on other activities at your house. 

The general rule is to look for an electric cooker with low cooking time while no overheating or undercooking problems to get the best cooking experience in your kitchen.

Build Quality 

Most rice cookers look the same on the outside, but the ingredients inside are essential to look at before buying any product on the market. 

Rice cookers are available in three types of materials on the Indian market. The stainless steel for rice cookers offers high durability but is quite expensive compared to other products. 

Aluminum is another material that most rice cookers use because it costs less than stainless steel, giving better heat conductivity to cook your rice fast. 

Last but not least, there are nonstick pots that wear out quickly, and you have to swap out the inner tubes, so you should not choose a nonstick pot and look for a stainless steel or aluminum rice cooker.

Energy Consumption 

An energy-efficient rice cooker takes less time to cook food while saving your energy in the background to give you a long-term benefit over the years. 

When electric cookers are compared to gas cookers, they require 60% less heat to cook rice. Generally, big brands offer more energy-efficient devices, so you should invest in a good brand that will give you a long-term benefit by saving your energy daily. 

Sealed vs. Unsealed 

A closed electric pot is better, of course, as it reduces water spills to your kitchen and allows you to cook rice or pasta more quickly. People buy rice cookers without seals because they are cheap and easy to clean. 

This property is also found in electric stoves with closed lids. Therefore, it is better to buy a closed-lid electric cooker.


Sometimes cleaning a rice cooker becomes difficult, which is why you should buy an electric rice cooker that has removal parts to clean it with no problems. 

The outer part of your rice cooker should be well insulated to prevent any burns happening at its surface. 

Please don’t go for a nonstick electric rice cooker as it will prevent you from cleaning it properly and washing them in a dishwasher. 

The most advanced electric rice and pasta cooker come with a Teflon coating that lets you easily clean them daily without worrying about water damage.

General FAQs about Rice And Pasta Cooker

Rice cookers are universal devices that everyone should use instead of a pressure cooker because cooking rice is relatively easy, comfortable, and fast for any individual. Electric Rice and pasta cooker do not undercook or overcook rice as they have an inbuilt feature that automatically allows them to monitor the food while cooking. Electric rice cookers also save your gas during cooking as they use electricity to work, and they support multiple cooking modes to make separate dishes with a press of a button.

Yes, rice cookers are generally considered safe to use as they come with several safety features like Auto-off, heat protection, and a thermal fuse to keep your house protected while cooking. 

There are many well-known brands in the Indian kitchen accessories market, but some of the best of them are Pigeon, Butterfly, Prestige, Panasonic, Havells, and Bajaj. These brands have made their name in India for selling the best automatic rice cooker in India 2021 to cook your rice at your home uniformly. 

Sometimes, the rice cooker might get dirty from the stain on its cooking pot's inner part, which you need to clean to keep your device healthy. There are several ways to remove stubborn stains from your electric rice cooker. One of the easiest ways is to pour hot water and let it sit for a while to remove the patches from its inner pot. You can also remove stains by wiping them with a clean cloth and rubbing the lousy area with vinegar to make your rice cooker shiny again.

Best Rice and Pasta Cooker in India - Final Words

If you want to buy the best electric rice and pasta cookers in India, select from these top five recommendations to get an affordable & high-quality rice cooker for your kitchen. 

Also, read our buying guide on choosing an ideal rice cooker to sort through the available options and choose a perfect pot for your needs. 

If you are having trouble finding a perfect product, we recommend our Havells Xpress rice cooker as a first choice.

The Havells rice cooker has a good build quality and lots of practical features suitable for any size with enough room to feed your family members with the best rice. 

So get your Electric Rice and Pasta Cooker today at a reasonable price and make your cooking easier than ever before. 

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