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Top 5 Best Auto Clean Chimney Under 10000 in India 2022 || Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 in India

Best Auto Clean Chimney under 10000 in India –

Are you thinking of buying the best auto clean chimney brands in India and want to make your kitchen look more attractive?

India is famous worldwide for its variety of delicious food. But to prepare food is a tough task as while cooking, the entire room is filled with smoke and dust. So it’s become very tough to breathe inside. Also, because of the oil drops and other unnecessary stuff, the kitchen becomes dirty. But buying the best auto clean chimney under 10000 in India can solve the majority of your issues.

The chimney has an inbuilt capacity to suck the smoke and dust particles immediately. Also, the thermal auto-clean feature cleans the oil drops attached.

But these days, it’s a tough task for ordinary people to choose the best auto clean chimney for kitchen. So to make it comfortable for everyone, we have selected some of the best Chimneys for the kitchen with a detailed review and buyer guide.

Going through this will beneficial for you, and you will never regret in future selecting bad stuff.

Let’s get started.

Best Auto Clean Chimney Under 10000 in India - Quick Links


Suction Power


Where to Buy

Eurodomo Glass Kitchen Chimney

1200 m³/hr

Inalsa Filterless Kitchen Chimney

1250 m³/hr

Faber Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

1100 m³/hr

Alstorm Neo Kitchen Chimney

1200 m3/hr

KAFF Eden Kitchen Chimney

1180 Nm3/hr

5 Best Auto Clean Chimney Under 10000 in India - Review

1. Eurodomo Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney
Eurodomo Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This is a good-performing Chimney by the Eurodomo brand. The company has designed the chimney with a beautiful look and ensured smoke-free cooking.

There is a dedicated button to clean the chimney automatically with just one tap. The auto-clean feature works quite effectively and clears all the oil particles and other unnecessary stuff in the collector. To provide a good cooking experience the company has provided two led lights.

The high-power suction makes sure not a single smoke or dust particle comes out. The chimney operates in a 1200 cubic meters per hour power capacity.

The company has provided a digital display panel to get full control over the advanced chimney. The build quality of the chimney is also at the top-notch; the stainless steels do a pretty good job and enhance the durability of the chimney.

  • The auto-clean facility of the chimney.
  • The extended warranty period on the device. 1 yr on product and 5 yrs of long warranty on motors.
  • Dedicated touch display to control
  • Auto heating feature available.
  • Produces a bit more noise while cooking.

2. Inalsa Auto Clean Filterless Kitchen Chimney

Inalsa Auto Clean
Inalsa Auto Clean Filterless Kitchen Chimney

This is a good chimney from the Inasa brand, one of the trusted brands for producing kitchen-related products.

You’ve easily noticed the advanced engineering and technology in the chimney not only for its attractive look but also for its flawless performance. The 1250 cubic meters of airflow capacity ensure no smoke or dust comes outside and pollute the environment and because of health hazards.

The gorgeous-looking touch display with advanced control options and led lights ensure a royal cooking experience even in a darker place. The advanced auto clean technology saves a lot of time for cleaning the chimney. Even the oil collector also get cleaned up to a greater extent. You have to clean it Mannaually once in six months.

The Xylo motor has high-tech sensors to detect human intervention quickly. The powerful three-speed motor ensures the nutrients and quality of the food maintained property without any bad odour. The chimney has the capacity to suck and kill airborne toxicants and viruses and saves from dangerous health hazards.

  • The chimney has 7 yrs of warranty on its motors.
  • The maintained cost in the chimney is zero due to the auto-clean feature.
  • Digital display available.
  • The design of the chimney looks attractive and comes with a black coating.
  • The company doesn't provide the PVC pipes required during the installation process.

3. Faber Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney
Faber Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

The chimney is designed so that it will give an aesthetic look as well as tremendous performance. The next-generation filter-proof technology, the chimney auto-clear itself. This feature will save a lot of time as well as significantly reduces the Maintenace cost.

For smoke and air, the company has perfectly designed the chimney by placing the motor inside the chimney and a clear path for removing mad smoke air.

The motor has 1100 cubic meters per hr of capacity, which is enough to suction smokes and undesirable air. The chimney also comes with a push-button panel.

The oil collector cup collects all the oils attached to the plate, and we don’t have to clean it manually. The chimney is 60 cm and has capacity to control 2-4 stoves and for mounting in the wall.

  • The size is smaller, about 60 cm, so that you can install it even in a less spacious area.
  • The company provides a thermal auto-clean feature.
  • A dedicated button is there to control the speed of the motor and lights.
  • The power suction does a pretty good job to clean out all the unnecessary kinds of stuff.
  • Motor speed is a bit less compared to other products.

4. Alstorm Neo Auto Clean Chimney

Alstorm Neo Auto Clean Chimney
Alstorm Neo Auto Clean Chimney

The Alstom brand powers the beautiful-looking chimney. The glossy finishing and Titanium black color 60 make it looks amazing. The company believes in always providing premium quality products to the kitchen.

The chimney comes with an advanced motor with a higher suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour. This huge among of motor speed is enough to filter all the smoke and bad odour. Well, depending upon the cooking material, you have the authority to control the speed of the motor by pressing the button.

With the help of this button feature, you can control the power of the chimney, auto cleaning and control the dedicated rectangular light, which enhances the cooking experience even in the dark. The oil cup and thermal auto clean technology work upto the mark by cleaning the oil drops fallen on the plate.

The company provides two baffle filters, and you can detach them easily and install a new one. The oil cup also has a detachable filter, and washing every six months is enough for a typical Indian family.

  • With push-button, you can control power as well as motor speed.
  • The oil cup is there for thermal cleaning.
  • Lass power consumption by the chimney.
  • Smoke-proof and foul odour proof mechanism.
  • Requires a bit more space for installation.

5. KAFF Edan DHC Auto Clean Chimney

KAFF Edan DHC Auto Clean Chimney
KAFF Edan DHC Auto Clean Chimney

This is a good chimney by the Kaff brand. Build quality good as quality materials are used. The chimney weighs about 11 kilograms. The auto heat clean feature makes sure you don’t have to invest more for the Maintenace of the chimney.

The oil and other particles attached to the chimney will get cleaned automatically and get collected in an oil cup by just pressing a power button. The oil cup itself is detachable, and you rarely need to clean it.

The use of stainless steel ensures the chimney is absolutely rust-free and saves a lot of time cleaning and enhancing durability. The inbuilt lights make sure your cooking experience never stops, even in the dark.

The heavy-duty Baffle filter, combined with powerful 1180 cubic meters, owes hr motors, performs up to a great extent and doesn’t allow smoke and air particles to come out.

  • The chimney has a dry auto-clean feature.
  • Specially designed to perform heavy-duty effectively.
  • Made from black glass and stainless steel so looks perfect.
  • Produces more noise, about 62 dB.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Auto Clean Chimney in India under 10000 | Buyers Guide -

Filters in Chimney:

In the Indian market, you can easily find chimneys with different filters like cassette filters, Baffle filters, and carbon filters. Each of the filters differs from the performance as well as functional point of view. The carbon filter mainly consists of charcoals, so it is popular as a charcoal filter. Charcoal has the main function for the removal of bad odor and smoke.

But sometimes, the oil particles adhere inside the filter and reduces the suction lower of motors inside the chimney. But we suggest you select the chimney that has a baffle filter. It is one of the best filters and performs better, particularly in Indian conditions.

The multiple curvy structures of the filter pull the smokes and airs properly, and the motor dies the rest of the work, and the performance of the chimney remains intact for a longer period. Cassette filter is mainly made up of aluminum wires woven obe over others. The smoke usually flows through it. But it doesn’t perform for a longer period as oil particles attached inside the filter and reduced performance.

Chimney Types:

You can find four types of chimneys in the market: wall mount, inland, integrated chimney, and corner chimney. Each of the types has a dedicated functionality. Wall mouthed chimney fitted inside the wall and cooktops and other things adjunct to it.

Inland chimney placed inside the center of the kitchen and away from the walls. Well, all the chimneys are good performance-wise, but you should select the chimney that perfectly matches your kitchen.

Auto Clean Feature:

This technology was recently introduced in many chimneys. This auto clean feature not only saves ample time but also reduce maintenance cost and power consumption.

With just one click, the auto-clean feature will start working, and it will automatically clean the oil drops and other undesired things attached. These kinds of stuff get collected in a detachable oil cup. So we recommend, you must select a chimney that has an auto-clean function.

Smoke-Proof Chimney:

Previously the chimneys available were producing a lot of smoke and dust. It was very tough for the cooker to cook in that room. This type of chimney not only pollutes the environment but also causes a health hazard. So select a chimney that must not produce smoke or dust so that you can work considerably in the kitchen.

Suction Power:

The motor attached to the chimney does most of the jobs, as it mainly determines the performance of the appliance. If the kitchen size is smaller, you should select the chimney with 500-600 cubic meters per hour of suction power. In a bigger size chimney, the Suction power should be more than 1000 cubic meters per hour.

Price Range :

This is a major constraint in buying the best auto clean Chimney in India. The size and performance of the chimney vary according to the price range. The 69 cm size chimney price starts from 6000 in India. But if you have a bigger kitchen, then the 90 cm of chimney price starts from Rs 12000

These are the major points that one should consider while buying the best auto clean chimney brands in India.


Well, it varies from brand to brand. Some companies provide free installation if you buy a new Chimney from them, while some take a few charges for the installation process.

Before ducting, make sure the size of the dust should be equivalent to the diameter of the pipe. Otherwise, the ventilator pipe will not fit properly.

It is always better to install the chimney at 24-30 inches height above the cooking area. This is crucial as it will collect the dust particles easily.

Before Wrapping Up Best Auto Clean Chimney Under 10000 in India

Sometimes it became very tough for a single person to clean all the things in the kitchen’s smoke environment. But auto clean chimney can be a handy option for them. Though the initial investment is high with upcoming times, it will save you a lot of money.

So if you are excited to buy the best auto clean chimney in India, you must go through the buying guide mentioned above. The guide will solve all your doubts if you have any. We also selected one of the top-performing auto clean Chimneys for the kitchen from the top brands. You can easily but from that in just one tap.

Hope you will like this article.       

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