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The 5 Best Travel Bar Sets In India : 2022 Reviews

Best Travel Bar Sets In India

Do you like winding down and relaxing around the campfire, perhaps with a drink of your choice, in your hand? It’s hard to beat the coziness felt when sipping your favorite drink under the stars in front of some dancing flames. Whether you’re camping in the woods, glamping in the snow valley, or just picnicking lakeside, you deserve to enjoy a glass of your favorite cocktail. But how to travel with a bar’s worth of tools? The Travel Bar set is a way to always have exactly what you need to mix up great cocktails anywhere.

Best travel bar sets India are specifically designed to travel, making it the perfect make-ahead cocktail to take camping. You can wrap up all necessary bartender tools and accouterments in one portable bar set. Now with your travel bar backpack, you can whip up your favorite drinks wherever you want, be it in your car or at a campaign site with your loved ones. 

So if you are looking for something different on your next camping excursion and want to explore your bartending skills on-the-go, then we have put together a list of the 5 best travel bar sets in India along with a Buying Guide.

Best Travel Bar Sets In India - Our Top Picks

1. Best Basic: Black Butterfly Bar Accessories 
2. Best Backpack: Bar Box Travel Kit Bag 
3. Best for Camping: Bar Box Bartender Kit 2.0 Upgraded 29 Piece Bar Tool Set 
4. Most Convenient: Telconi Croc Print Black Big Premium Bar Set 
5. Best for Gifting: Kreative Marche Premium Portable Bar 

Top 5 Best Travel Bar Sets in India : Reviews 2022

1. Black Butterfly Bar accessories : Best Basic

Black Butterfly Bar accessories
Black Butterfly Bar accessories

If you love being organized and looking for a bar set at an affordable price to carry your booze around with the basic tools then this Black Butterfly Bar accessories set is the right choice for you.

This handy bar set is a perfect starter travel bar kit. It may not be a great choice for an all-purpose bar kit or for experimenting with your bartending skills, but it may be just what you’re looking for something small and sleek while traveling or picnicking. It fits one bottle of liquor and comes with the basic tools : 3 highball glasses, a hip flask, a two-sided jigger, a tong, and a bottle opener.

This wooden Black Butterfly Bar comes in an attractive leatherette finish. The exterior is made of black padded vinyl that is similar to leather and the light brown interior is lined with gray suede to protect your bottle and keeping tools intact. The style of this bar case mocks the sleek and elegant look of a briefcase.

Travel like 007 with this travel bar set.  This travel bar set comes with a combination lock; your favorite libations will always be safe under tight security during your journey.

It’s a perfect companion when you want to travel light and only need the basic tools.

Specification – 

• Bar Set Dimension : 37 x 27.2 x 25.2 cm
• Weight : 3.18 kgs
• Material : Wooden
• Color : Black
• Finish Type: Matte
• Tools includes : 1 Hip flask (7 Oz), 1 Tong, 3 Glasses, 1 two-sided jigger, 1 opener

2. Bar Box Travel Kit Bag: Best Backpack

Bar Box Travel Kit Bag
Best Backpack

For expert cocktails or serious mixologists and entertainers, this compact and classy Bar Box Travel Kit Bag comes stacked with everything a traveling bartender may need. With 25 pieces of different tools inside, there is almost everything you can make with this travel kit bag, all you need is the booze!

There are 14 different pockets that will perfectly fit your favorite bartender’s tools in it compactly, safely, and with ease. Every tool has its designated slot and compartment for safekeeping.

This portable travel bar kit bag comes with a Boston cocktail shaker(500 ml), Hathrow Strainer, three Bottle Pourer, three Steel Straws, Mesh Strainer, Julep Strainer,  Lemon Squeezer, Ice tong,   Peg Measurer, Bar Spoon, two Stirrer, Muddler, Cork Screw Opener and a Bar Blade opener. There’s even an ice bag and wood mallet tucked into the slot for crushing ice. Plus, it includes cocktail recipe cards with original drink cocktails and favorites. All of the mixology tools are dishwasher-safe and made of high quality 304 Food grade steel.

All of your favorite tools wrap up into an easy-to-carry green canvas bag complete with an adjustable shoulder strap and handle. Smart straps with metal buckles add a rustic flair to your portable travel bar backpack. 

The tote bag material is wear and tear-resistant and comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.  This is a perfect option for a travel bar backpack for your next vacation, no matter where ever you go.

Specifications – 

• Bar Set Dimension : 30 x 20 x 20 cm
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Material: Canvas
• Color: Green
• Tools includes 1 Boston cocktail shaker (500 ml), 1 Hathrow Strainer, 1 Mesh Strainer, 1 Julep Strainer, 1 Ice tong, 1 Mallet, 1 Ice Bag, 1 Lemon Squeezer, 1 Peg Measurer, 1 Bar Spoon, 2 Stirrer, 3 Bottle Pourer, 3 Steel Straws, 1 Muddler, 1 Cork Screw Opener, 1 Bar Blade opener, and Cocktail recipe Cards.

3. Bar Box Bartender Kit 2.0 Upgraded 29 Piece Bar Tool Set: Best for Camping

Bar Box Bartender Kit 2.0 Upgraded 29 Piece Bar Tool Set
Bar Box Bartender Kit 2.0 Upgraded 29 Piece Bar Tool Set

Heading out for camping in the woods or glamping in the snow valley? Camping is all about destressed and relaxing around the campfire, so bring on the cocktails! Bar Box – Standard 2.0 Upgraded provides you with the perfect reason to be outdoors. This tough handmade military crate wooden box is specifically designed to travel, making it the perfect portable bar set India to take on your next camping adventure.

This luxurious distressed-wooden travel bar set in India features plenty of space to pack all the libations you need to mix up drinks. Other than the necessary professional tools like a cocktail shaker, muddler, and jigger, this portable travel bar set includes 1 peg measurer, 6 stainless steel whiskey stones, 4 whiskey spheres, 2 whiskey crystal glasses, 1 bottle pourer, 2 beer chiller sticks, 1 wine chiller stick, 2 garnish picks and 2 stainless steel straws. Plus, it includes a bar compass that contains recipes for all well-loved cocktails.

All of your mixology tools are conveniently packed in a handmade military crate wooden box which is compact and will give longevity to the set. The military green color gives a vibrant and classy look to the bar box. Rope straps with snaps hold everything in place to ensure all tools arrive at your destination unscathed.

While you’ll need to supply your own whiskey, vodka, or gin, this travel bar set contains everything else you need to bring your favorite drink on the go.

Specifications – 

• Bar Set Dimension : 45 x 30 x 15 cm
• Weight: 4.5 kg
• Material: Wood
• Color: Military Green
• Tools includes 1 Cocktail Shaker, 6 Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, 4 Whiskey Sphere, 2 Whiskey Crystal Glass, 1 Peg Measurer, 1 Muddler, 2 Beer Chiller Stick, 1 Wine Chiller Stick, 1 Bottle Pourer, 1 Bar Spoon, 1 Strainer, 1 Ice Tong, 2 Garnish Picks, 2 Stainless Steel Straws and a Bar Compass.

4. Telconi Croc Print Black Big Premium Bar Set: Most Convenient

Telconi Croc Print Black Big Premium Bar Set
Most Convenient

With this travel bar set in hand, you are well equipped to bash an impromptu cocktail party on-the-go. This handy bar set is ideal for travel, whether you want to be it in your car or at a campaign site. This stylish travel bar set comes with equally stylish whisky glasses and bare essential bartender’s tools, a perfect bar set to showcase your mixology skills and add luxury to it, without being too loud.

With this must-have travel bar set, you can carry your favorite whiskey bottle along with 06 whiskey glasses, 1 hip flask,1 tong, 1 Peg Measurer, and an opener. Sure, this portable bar set may not have the extra bartending tools, but not everybody needs something strained in their cocktail.

This spacious travel bar set is divided into two sections, one side has plenty of room to pack a bottle of booze with 6 glass compartments and the other side holds your tools. To keep your cocktail libations secure and unveiling them like a 007, your bar can only be opened with the secured three-digit combination.

 The Telconi Croc Print Black Big Premium Bar Set has a black leatherette exterior with crock print and black velvet lined inside. Plus, there are leatherette straps to keep your bartender’s tools in place.

This travel bar set India is a great companion when you want to travel light and need custom drinks on the go.


• Bar Set Dimension : 41.1 x 39.4 x 21 cm
• Weight: 4.85 kg
• Material: Wooden with leatherette finish
• Color: Black with Crock Print
• Tools includes: 1 hip flask,1 tong, 6 Glasses, 1 Peg Measurer and1 opener

5. Kreative Marche Premium Portable Bar : Best for Gifting

Kreative Marche Premium Portable Bar

This portable bar set is a classy, merrymaker-worthy gift. A travel bar set that can carry every essential cocktail-making need, including what’s most important, the alcohol. The Kreative Marche Premium Portable Bar kit truly has it all. This is one of the best Travel Bar Sets In India and is loaded with all the mixology tools you need to host an elegant cocktail hour.

The front and top of the bar kit open up to reveal an arsenal of bartender’s tools. The stylish and lavishing bar kit offers stainless steel accessories with various mixology tools for making different cocktails, which ensure a constant supply of drinks. It fits one bottle of liquor and with this travel bar set, you will receive 4 Whiskey Glasses, Cocktail Shaker, Peg Measurer (30 & 60 ml), Ice Bucket, Ice Tong, Hip Flask, and a Multipurpose Corkscrew.

This handcrafted premium bar tool set comes in an attractive blue wooden leatherette finished box along with a patterned lock closure, which stashes all the mixology tools neatly in one place. The blue leatherette finish gives an elegant look that belongs in an upscale cocktail bar.

The Kreative Marche Premium Portable Bar kit is a perfect gift for corporate types, husbands, or most any man who enjoys the finer things in life.

Specifications –

• Bar Set Dimension : 6 x 6 x 30 cm
• Material: Wooden Leatherette finished box
• Color: Blue
• Tools includes 4 Whiskey Glasses, Cocktail Shaker, Peg Measurer (30 & 60 ml), Ice Bucket, Ice Tong, Hip Flask, and a Multipurpose Corkscrew.

Best Travel Bar Sets In India: Buying Guide

As you can see above, travel bar sets are unique and come in many varieties. Choosing the right travel bar set can get a bit overwhelming and it can make or break your camping happy hours. So, let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider while making your purchase.

Portability – 

As travel bar sets are designed for travel, therefore they must be ideal to be carrying during the journey. A large bar set can get heavy, especially when bottles stashed inside, so it’s best to avoid those designed to include bottles if you want to travel light. Also, look for bar sets having secure straps on the interior to keep the tools intact in one place and the handles or straps on the exterior to carry your portable bar set.

Durability – 

Your journey or camping can be arduous, so your travel bar set needs to be tough and durable. Look for the travel bar set that is made from high-quality leather with a hard case, so that it can withstand years of heavy use. And don’t forget to check the quality of the tools too.

Tools – 

Obviously, your bar set is incomplete without essential bartender’s tools. All you need to make sure that the travel bar set has all the essential tools you need on a regular basis. As per your drinking pattern and choice, it’s not always necessary to have all the tools stashed in your portable bar set.

Security – 

The security of your travel bar set is also critical if you have expensive tools and liquor. It might happen that your expensive liquor or tools disappear during the journey or in an event. To avoid such kind of misfortune, consider buying a travel bar set having combination locks to secure your valuable contents.

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