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5 Best Dinnerware Sets for Everyday Use in India 2022

best dinnerware sets for everyday use in india

Over the years, the use of dinnerware has become more widespread, and many Indian families are now using it because it is very convenient and looks better. 

In this article, we have mentioned the Top 5 best dinnerware sets for everyday use in India. Lastly, we will also provide you with information about what you need to pay attention to when buying the best dinner set, best dinner set material, and best dinner set brands.

Which is the Best Dinnerware Sets for Everyday Use in India?

1. Laopala English Lavender Dinner Set of 23
2. Larah by Borosil Classic Opalware Dinner Set, 27-Pieces
3. Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set, 14 -Pieces
4. Cello Opalware Dazzle Tropical Lagoon Dinner Set of 35
5. Larah By Borosil Mimosa Opalware Dinner Set of 14

5 Best Dinnerware Sets for Everyday Use in India: Reviews

1. Laopala English Lavender Dinner set

If you are now exhausted with the standard round shape of your plates in your dinnerware and would need to have some difference in heart. Then, this dinnerware set from La Opala has a treat for you. 

The dishes in this line of their dinnerware have a flower managing on its outsides which gives the thing a modern and particular look. Colors the dinnerware is accessible in white/blue/green. It is dishwasher safe, this will give you the advantage to clean the thing effectively with the utilization of a dishwashing fluid without harming the thing. 

It has the greatest limit of a serving bowl (790 ml) and a vegetable bowl (170 ml). The dinner set contains dinner plate-6pcs, quarter plate-6pcs, vegetable dishes 6pcs, serving plate-1pcs, serving bowls-2pcs, salt, and pepper.

Features – 

1. Toughened Extra Strong
2. Break Resistant
3. Microwave Safe & Dishwasher Safe
4. Bone Ash Free; 100% Vegetarian
5. Scratch Resistant
6. Super White
7. Super Light
8. Food Safe & Hygienic
9. Safety

  • It already has a complete set of dinnerware. Therefore, please rest assured that it will meet all your needs.
  • The maximum capacity of the serving bowl is decent.
  • The product has a unique floral decoration design, which will surely add surprises to your dining area and bring a lot of fun and excitement when using it.
  • You can clean it quickly because it has stain-resistant properties and can be cleaned safely with dishwashing liquid.
  • Compared with rival brands with the same number of dinnerware and functions, this product is pretty expensive.

2. Larah by Borosil Classic Opalware Dinner Set

Larah by Borosil Classic Opalware Dinner Set

When buying household products, the retro look is always a good choice. Borosil dinner set has a retro look, making you feel like you are in a time machine, enjoying the classy classic feel while tasting modern dishes. 

100% bone ash free, which ensures that no animals will be killed when the product is produced. The material used is toughened glass. You can use detergent to clean the dishes without damaging them. Borosil dinner set can be heated by microwave, so it can withstand a lot of heat. 

The chip resistance ensures the safety of your dinnerware and avoids harsh behaviors such as scratching of the spoons, knives, and forks. It is available in white shade. The Borosil dinner set includes a 6-piece full plate, 6-piece quarter plate, 6-piece vegetable bowl, 6-piece soup bowl, 2 piece serving bowl, and 1 oval rice plate.

Features –

1. Microwave safe and Dishwasher safe
2. Easy to handle and Lightweight
3. Easy to clean and Extremely hygienic
4. Does not absorb odors or stains
5. Even after repeated use in the dishwasher, Patterns won’t fade or wear off
6. Chip and scratch resistant for carefree durability
7. Made of toughened opal glass which is extra strong and long-lasting

  • You will save a lot of time transferring containers from time to time because you can put this dinnerware directly into the oven.
  • Borosil dinner set is lightweight, which makes it very easy and convenient to use.
  • Its design and structure are just right for daily use.
  • Available only in one color.

3. Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set

Corelle Livingware Country Cottage Dinner Set

If budget isn’t an issue. I suggest purchasing a Corelle dinner set for your home. Their dinner plates, curry bowls, dessert bowls, serving platter, quarter plates, and so on are generally flawlessly designed and simple to deal with. Every one of their items is chip resistant and doesn’t break if they have minor fall. 

This design is accessible in different various sets of 14, 21, 30, and 57 piece sets. You can purchase the one you need according to your budget and prerequisites. This is a standout amongst other selling designs by Corelle. It has been available for a long time now. Corelle dinner set includes 6-Pieces Dinner Plate (26 cm), 6-Pieces Katori Bowl (177 ml), and 2-Piece Curry Bowl (828 ml).

This gives you the opportunity to continue to purchase more crockery later on a similar plan and add to your dinner set. Corelle utilizes Vitrelle glass to make these utensils. It is a sort of tempered glass that is made utilizing three layers of two unique glasses melded. The Corelle dinner set is protected to be utilized in a Microwave Oven and a Dishwasher.

Features – 

1. The Corelle dinner set is break and chip resistant
2. Patented Vitrelle 3 layer glass
3. Space-saving
4. Non-porous and microwave safe
5. Covered by the 1-year replacement warranty against chipping

  • It looks amazing on the table.
  • Non-porous, thin and light, easy to handle, and store
  • Made with patented vitrelle 3-layer glass technology
  • Fully break and chip-resistant glass dinnerware.
  • A little bit expensive.

4. Cello Opalware Dazzle Tropical Lagoon Dinner Set

Cello Opalware Dazzle Tropical Lagoon Dinner Set

The Cello Opalware Dazzle Dinner Set is a set of 35 microwave-safe dishes made in India. It has the most advanced German technology and is developed in accordance with European standards. The cello dinner set is made of 100% vegetarian material which is heat resistant.

It brings elegance and modern style to the kitchen and brings you a refined dining experience. The content of the dinner set includes 6 full plates of 10 inches, 6 half plates, 6 vegetable bowls, 6 soup bowls, 2 serving bowls, 1 deep round platter, 2 pieces salt and pepper, 2 piece salt and pepper, and 2 piece salt and pepper. 

It has food-grade quality with 100% vegetarian materials and Bone ash-free material that is environmentally friendly. This dinner set is a break, chip, and scratch-resistant, suitable for daily use. It has a distinctive design and pattern on the dishes, which makes the dazzling white wares look beautiful. It is a high-quality set made of smooth, lightweight AB grade porcelain. 

Features – 

1. Easy to clean
2. Easily stackable and space-saving
3. Fully tempered and chip resistant
4. Food grade and 100% vegetarian bone ash-free
5. Microwave safe

  • It is recyclable, thermal resistant, and fully tempered up to 3x stronger
  • Easy to operate, with reliable strength and durability
  • Daily use because it will not break or chip and is scratch-resistant
  • Can be easily stacked in cabinets and takes up minimal space
  • Microwave safe set, easy to clean
  • Quality could have been better
  • This is a breakable dinnerware set

5. Larah By Borosil Mimosa Opalware Dinner Set

Larah By Borosil Mimosa Opalware Dinner Set

Some people like the floral design very much, then you might want to consider buying this Opalware from Borosil Mimosa. It has an elegant design and is very worth seeing. The Borosil dinner set is 100% vegetarian with bone ash-free. The materials used are food grade and 100% hygienic glass. 

This set is Break, chip, and scratch-resistant. This product is microwave friendly and dishwasher friendly. Borosil dinner set is made of tempered glass and can last longer. It has a mirror finish and is easy to clean. 

The dinner set has passed ISO-9001-2008 certification, which is an additional guarantee for the product to undergo a large number of quality checks to ensure that the product quality meets the standard. The package includes 4 pieces full plate, 4 pieces soup bowl, 4 pieces vegetable bowl, and 2 pieces serving bowl.

Features – 

1. Toughened glass
2. All-inclusive set
3. Elegant design
4. Chip resistant
5. Extra strong
6. Dishwasher safe
7. Microwave safe
8. Bone ash-free

  • The product is very affordable.
  • It provides a complete dining experience without a lot of dinnerware.
  • Since it can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid, it can be cleaned easily without any trouble. Lightweight and elegant, it can be used as a special gift.
  • Due to its durability, it is very suitable for daily use and on formal occasions because of its elegant design.
  • No downsides noted yet

How to choose best Dinnerware Sets for Everyday Use in India – Complete Buying Guide

Best Dinner Set Material:

Nowadays, there are several kinds of dinnerware to choose from. From standard stainless steel sets to durable melamine dinnerware sets, everyone can find the ideal one to meet their requirements and preferences. 

Stainless steel:

Dinner sets made of stainless steel has a long service life, is easy to clean, and requires very little maintenance. They may not be easily bent, chipped, or broken. Considering the sturdiness of this dinnerware, their prices are quite reasonable. They are available in many groups. They will consist of bowls, plates, spoons, cups, and jugs. A few types consist only of bowls and plates. They are usually used to provide daily meals.


Dinner sets made of glass gives them a stylish appearance. They usually have stylish designs and attractive textures. If you have any guests coming to your home, this dinner set is an excellent choice, which can bring extraordinary effects to your dining habits. It is best to keep them away from your children, as some breeds may not be able to withstand rough handling. 


Ceramic dinner sets are elegant due to their extraordinary glazed surface and stunning design. They usually include serving trays, plates, soup bowls, serving bowls, and spoons.


Melamine dinnerware is durable, easy to clean, and has eye-catching patterns and colors. They may have various sizes and consist of 18 bits, 24 bits, or 32 bits. These numbers may shift from one brand to another. They have multiple uses and can also be used for daily use and parties. 


This dinner set is made of rough plastic. The polypropylene dinner set is very easy to clean and store. They can be obtained in several types and designs. Some contain abstract, floral, or geometric patterns. Some solid colors are also provided. The plate set consisting of several sections can be obtained in polypropylene material. A bowl is usually not needed because the liquid can be provided in discrete parts of these types of plates.


The silver-plated dinnerware has a truly traditional and eye-catching appearance. They are amazing for companies and traditional gifts. They are suitable for religious ceremonies and festivals. 

Contemporary Features for the Best Dinnerware sets for everyday use in India:

We need to be equipped with modern facilities such as dishwashers and microwaves in our daily work, so we must find dinner sets that can match them.

Microwave safe:

Glass, ceramic, polypropylene, and melamine dinner sets can be safely used with microwave ovens. There are several varieties to choose from, and choosing the best dinner set can be confusing. You must consider the total number of pieces, utilities, and materials in order to choose the ideal dinner combination to meet your individual needs. 

Dishwasher safe:

Several types of glass, ceramic, polypropylene, melamine, and stainless steel can be safely used in the dishwasher. When you want to buy, you need to check it and remember that these dishes should be placed on the top rack to increase safety.

Best Dinner Set Brands:


In case you are clumsy and are looking for a break-free dinner set, then LaOpalacan is your ideal choice. Opal dinnerware is light and very durable. 


This lovely bone-ash free dinner set brand can make parties or special family dinners special. The opal products of the Cello are made of ceramics. 


For nights full of chaos, you can use this fabulously designed and lightweight dinner set brand. This glass opal ware is resistant to scratch, chip, and heat. 


Corelle is a durable dinner set brand made of Vitrelle, with a unique sandwich packaging that binds three layers of glass together.

Best Dinnerware Sets for Everyday Use in India - Final Verdict

Since we have now completed the comprehensive review and analysis process, we believe that it will be very easy to choose the best dinnerware sets for everyday use in India according to the user’s needs and budget. We can be sure that one or the other dinner set on our list will be the ideal choice for every user. In addition, all dinner tableware we provide to our customers is high-quality products with attractive designs and appearances.

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