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5 Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best electric tandoor for home in India

Everyone loves tasty and delicious dishes made in tandoors. If you want to enjoy a good meal with tandoors, you must go to a restaurant or order online. 

Now you can make and enjoy this tandoor recipe at home with an electric tandoor. All you need is an electric tandoor to make a delicious tandoori recipe.

Today we will review the best electric tandoor for home in India. We don’t usually have a tandoor at home to make a tandoori recipe. Grilled or tandoor foods require charcoal and fire and are great for outdoor cooking. Electric tandoor can solve this problem. All of these tandoor recipes you can make at home using an electric tandoor. You can make tandoori chicken, baatis, tandoori rotis, mutton tikka, naan and pizza, Paneer tikka, and many other recipes.

Which is the Best Electric Tandoor for home in India?

1. Wellberg Electric Tandoor
2. Glen Electric Tandoor
3. Future Home Electric Tandoor
4. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor
5. B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor

5 Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India - Reviews

1. Wellberg Electric Tandoor with Auxiliary Equipment

wellberg electric tandoor

Wellberg electric tandoor with auxiliary equipment is among the best electric tandoor for home in India. You can easily grill, bake, toast and roast in this electric tandoor. You can cook Paneer, mutton, chicken, mushrooms, fish, and vegetables. This is the best electric tandoor for home in India for recipes such as sandwiches, paneer tikka, biscuits, kababs, tandoori roti, aalu tikka, naan, cakes, tandoori chicken, and many other tandoori recipes.

Features – 

1. Wellberg electric tandoor has a one-year warranty.
2. Four skewers, with a grill.
3. A magic cloth is provided for cleaning the tandoor. It is non-sticky and washable.
4. Other accessories are provided, such as gloves, a pizza cutter, and a recipe book.
5. It has a power of 2000 watts.
6. The 2 heating elements are made of stainless steel.
7. The body is shockproof and has additional accessories to provide an additional safety element for heating.
8. Wellberg electric tandoor is lightweight and elegant in design.
9. Dimensions (length x width x height): 16 x 12 x 8 inches

  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • The heat from top and bottom both
  • Additional items are provided
  • The power cable is small

2. Glen Electric Tandoor 5014 XL

Glen Electric Tandoor

Glen is a brand that deals in various household appliances and kitchen appliances, which have excellent functions and good quality. The appearance of the Glen Electric Tandoor can match any kitchen and is more elegant. It provides you with a healthy method of cooking, like customary clay tandoor. This best electric tandoor for home in India also includes see-through windows, and the heating element is also energy-efficient. Since this Glen Electric Tandoor has a thermal insulation function, it also saves a lot of energy.

Features –

1. Glen Electric Tandoor has a 1-year warranty.
2. See-through window
3. Cool-touch handle
4. Healthy cooking like traditional clay tandoors
5. This stylish and modern Glen electric tandoor is designed to perfectly fit your kitchen layout.
6. It includes a sliding tray made of aluminum and a wire rack.
7. It has a matt finish stainless steel body and can be easily cleaned.
8. This best electric tandoor for home in India consumes 1400 watts of power and 220-240 volts.
9. It is equipped with energy-saving elements and can cook instantly without radiating any heat around.

  • Saves energy with thermal insulation
  • Amazingly elegant appearance
  • Comprises of see-through windows
  • The customer service is not good

3. Future Home Electric Tandoor

Future Home Electric Tandoor

Future Home Electric Tandoor is among the best electric tandoor for home in India. It has the unique function of an automatic timer. It prepares all kinds of tandoors like pizza, paneer, cakes, chicken and many other recipes. Food is properly prepared with the help of heating from top and bottom.

Features – 

1. The windows are transparent and you can see the food through them.
2. 4 skewers and a recipe book included with this best electric tandoor for home in India.
3. There is also a wire for grilling the food.
4. Future home electric tandoor has 3 years of manufacturing product warranty.
5. With the help of sliding trays, food is stored in the tandoor.
6. A knob to control the timer. Set a timer. Once the food is ready, the timer automatically switches off the electric tandoor.
7. It has 3 heating controls, tops, bottoms, and both sides can be adjusted by the knob provided.
8.The future home electric tandoor heating element is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and explosion.
9. Future Home Electric Tandoor works with 1100 watts of power

  • Complementary recipe book provided
  • Automatic timer control provided.
  • Doors do not close properly
  • Quality is not great

4. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

This Mini Chef electric tandoor is a really convenient and easy-to-use unit because it has a variety of useful functions. This best electric tandoor for home in India is very hygienic and is very suitable for all kinds of tandoori and grilled dishes. The appearance of this tandoor will complement any kitchen indoor environment. The device comprises toughened glass windows but is very light. It also has non-magnetic imported heating elements, and its body is completely shockproof.

Features – 

1. This lightweight and elegant looking Mini Chef electric tandoor are designed to perfectly fit your kitchen layout.
2. Shockproof
3. A magic heat-resistant cloth with the device can be used as a free gift that allows you to use the tandoor as an oven for biscuits and small batter foods.
4. The rectangular toughened glass on the open tray allows you to view the food while preparing it.
5. Heavy-duty and sturdy Mini Chef electric tandoor.
6. This best electric tandoor for home in India consumes 2000 watts of power and 230 volts.
7. It is equipped with Non-magnetic imported Kanthal (Sweden) heating elements (ISO 9001).

  • No preheating required
  • Economical heating elements
  • Cooks pretty quickly
  • No power indicator installed

5. B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor

B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor

You can taste delicious food from the house of Sliceter and prepare delicious food on the go using this best electric tandoor for home in India. This B.N. Brights electric tandoor is made of aluminum and toughened front glass windows, which are shockproof and fully durable. With this device, you can easily enjoy healthy and delicious chicken, mushroom, potato, or fish with easy cooking during the journey, it can help you bake delicious dishes in the healthiest way. Don’t worry about oil-free tandoori and grilled food! You can also defrost frozen food and reheat fast food without overcooking.

Features – 

1. B.N. Brights Electric Tandoor has a 2-year warranty.
2. This product is a shockproof portable device.
3. You will also get 4 barbecue rods, 1 pizza cutter, 1 piece of non-stick paper, 1 pair of mittens, and a wire mesh (jaali).
4. This best electric tandoor for home in India has a sturdy glass window and insulated handles.
5. The surface is easy to clean and does not leave stains.
6. The compact design makes storage easy.

  • 2 years warranty
  • Light Weight
  • Shockproof and sturdy
  • Power consumption details are not provided
  • Does not have a heat controller
  • No light indicator for the switch on/off

How to Choose Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India – Complete Buying Guide

Some Major Factors to be considered before Buying the Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India :

Built-in temperature gauge:

This is particularly valuable for electric grills that include covers. The built-in temperature gauge allows users to distinguish when the Tandoor is ready to cook. 

Adjustable thermostat:

The thermostat allows the user to fix the temperature of the electric tandoor according to the prepared dishes or requirements. In some expensive top models, there is a 10-level thermostat that fixes the temperature at 10 different settings. For people who like to prepare different types of cooking, this aspect or specification is very valuable. 

Power consumption :

Various electric tandoors are available with different power ranges. Most start at 800W and go up to 1200W. A higher power tandoor will make cooking faster, but will also lead to a long electricity bill. You need to find the one that will meet all your needs and have optimal efficiency.

Detachable cooking grates or tray:

Cooking grates or trays make it easier to fix the food after cooking and make the tandoor spotless.

Non-stick coating:

This is an indispensable function of the electric tandoor, which ensures that your food will not stick to the cooking surface of the gate. In addition, it helps users avoid cleaning the tandoor for hours.

Floating Hinge:

The floating hinge is particularly valuable for preparing thicker foods (such as chicken, pizza, or fish) because it can prepare food evenly from both surfaces. 

Oil collection groove: 

A few electric tandoors provide special grooves to collect excess oil and avoid waste. This is an excellent feature that can be checked before buying any electric Tandoor.


This is essential and needs to be considered when purchasing an electric Tandoor. You need to look for products with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least one year. Please purchase products with a proper warranty from trusted brands so that if you buy a defective product by mistake, you will not regret your purchase. 


You need to find an electric tandoor that is lightweight and can be carried with you. It should also take up minimal space on the workbench because you don’t want to fill the workbench with different products.

Brand :

There are many brands on the market. It is highly recommended to choose a brand that is popular because it offers easy customer service after purchase, rather than relying on new brands flooding the market.

180-degree opening:

Several electric tandoors include a 180-degree opening that allows you to easily enter each side of the tandoor and use each side to prepare food for several people at the same time. 

Affordable prices :

The best electric tandoor for home in India come in the price range of 3,000 to 5,000. Don’t be fooled by the market as it is full of scams that are constantly making holes in your pocket.

How to Clean Electric Tandoor?

Follow these steps to clean your electric tandoor.

Step 1: Unplug the electric tandoor.
Step 2: Let the tandoor cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.
Step 3: Use paper towels to remove oil, grease, and burnt food from the surface of the electric tandoor surface.
Step 4: Pour a little (1 tablespoon at a time) of hot water on the tandoor.
Step 5: Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to warm water on the tandoor.
Step 6: Wipe the tandoor with a paper towel or dry cloth.
Step 7: Dry the tandoor completely and plug it in or pack for another time.


Both OTG and electric tandoor have their own merits. It is based on your cooking needs. In case you want to cook tandoori recipes, then electric tandoor is a good choice. For baked cakes, biscuits, and similar foods, OTG is best. 

Yes, you can make use of aluminum foil in the electric tandoor. But please make sure the temperature is not too high. You can wrap food in a thin foil and cook it at the right temperature. For high temperatures, please use high-quality thick aluminum foil. The thin foil will crack at high temperatures. 

You can find many tandoori recipes to cook in an electric tandoor. Among vegetables, you can cook tandoori roti, naan, tandoori aloo, tandoori veg, tandoori paneer tikka, etc. Non-vegetarian can cook tandoori chicken, tandoori prawns, tandoori tikka, and many more other recipes.

Yes, it is easy. The design of the electric tandoor makes it possible to cook delicious meals even if you are not a chef. 

No, cooking food on an electric tandoor does not take time at all, because many electric tandoors have an automatic timer function, you can set the timer and do some work.

Best Electric Tandoor for Home in India - Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy the tandoor recipe at home, the electric tandoor is your best choice. As you can see above, the best electric tandoor for home in India has many great features.

These tandoors are durable, high quality, and do the job expected. In addition, most of the Tandoor comes with a free recipe book and accessories. You can select any model from the list above. According to our rating, the Wellberg Electric Tandoor is the best electric tandoor.

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