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5 Best Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack in India 2022: Buying Guide and Reviews:

Best wall mounted wine glass rack

Best Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Are you a true lover of wine, and you are tired of keeping your wine here and there in your home without having a particular space for it? Don’t worry, and we have come to your rescue. We have listed the best Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack that will help you to store wines. We know that stashing the wine bottles at any place in your house might be nerve-wracking. Because it has a peculiar requirement for storing, otherwise the quality of wine will deteriorate. We know that the wine bottle is sealed with the help of a cork. This cork is to be kept moist to provide enough moisture to keep oxygen and air from seeping into the wine, leading to the formation of an uninviting flavour and odor.

For this reason, the wine is always stashed on its side. This will prevent the cork from drying out. The dry cork is always avoided as it causes premature wine aging and crumbles while trying to remove it. Therefore, the wine should be stored so that the cork cannot have too much moisture or become too much dry. Here the role of the wall-mounted wine rack comes into account. The racks mounted in the wall are built up to keep the cork moist and prevent unwanted air from making contact with the wine.

To know more about the best wall mounted wine glass rack, stay tuned with this article.
Let’s learn about the pros and cons of the best wall mounted wine glass racks to get a clear view of them.

5 Best Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack in India 2022 - Review

1. GWH Industrial Wall Mounted Wine Glass Racks:

GWH Industrial wall mounted wine glass racks
GWH Industrial Wall Mounted Wine Glass racks

It is an excellent innovation made by the brand GWH. The brand mostly concentrates on producing industrial, vintage, rustic wine racks for those who admire these styles. It comes with a seven-stem glass holder, a two-tier wall mount bottle holder glass rack, and a wooden wall shelf. The bronze color provides it with an attractive look. The 23.6 inches of size is enough for keeping wines. The combination of both wooden and iron material provides more durability to the wine rack.

It is a wall mount type of wine glass rack. It’s a bit heavy and weighs about 5.53kg. It has a customer rating of: 4.7 out of 5 stars. By seeing the rating, you might assume that it might have the best wall mounted wine glass rack.

  • They create a look of distressed décor with the help of industrial iron and reclaimed wood.
  • Have a quite perfect size for your home.
  • It is also easy to assemble the product with the specified instructions.
  • It is kind of an integrated wine rack that also provides you sufficient space for keeping other accessories.
  • It can be presented as a gift to wine lovers.
  • Also serve as the best wine cabinet wall mounted.
  • The product is quite heavy.
  • It is quite decent but can be a little bit pricey.

2. Indigo Interiors Alvarado Wine Rack Glass Holder

Indigo Interiors Alvarado Wine Rack Glass Holder
Indigo Interiors Alvarado Wine Rack Glass Holder

Indigo Interiors is one of the best walls mounted wine glass rack/holder brands in India. The company hired excellent skilled men that handcrafted this unique and stylish work. It comes with a shelf for eight bottles and hangers for six wine glasses.

The art of a skilled craftsperson is quite clearly depicted in the wine sack. It has a quite reasonable dimension of 60.96 x 15.24 x 40.64 cm and generally weighs around 7 kilograms. The brand receives high customer reviews, which shows that it lives up to its title of being the best wall mounted wine glass holder in India.

  • It has a vertical freestanding wine bottle holder, which creates additional space in the room. It can be viewed as simplistic yet have a stylish organization of bottles.
  • It creates a vintage look of the farmhouse décor by the use of rustic wood.
  • It is easy to assemble with the provided instructions.
  • It is also easy to maintain. You can use a damp cloth to wipe out dirt and debris off the rack
  • The wine rack is quite heavy.
  • Changing its location from time to time is difficult.
  • Difficult to mount on the wall.

3. Genuine Décor Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack:

Genuine Décor Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack
Genuine Décor Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Genuine Décor has come up with a compact wine glass rack with a simple design that enables it to fit any home décor. It is one of the best wall mounted wine glass holder in India. It comes with two slots for standard size for wine glass and 2 Shelf slots on the top for oversized bottles. This helps you to accommodate a variety of different size bottles. The product has a satisfactory dimension of 55.88 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm and is light, having a weight of around 498 grams.

  • Since the design of the wine rack is compact, it helps to save a lot of space compared to the bulky wine sacks.
  • It is made up of Sheesham wood, making the rack more durable, scratch-resistant and super strong.
  • The rack is made in such a fashion that it can pull off any décor.
  • It is multifunctional, which means it helps you also to add your additional accessories.
  • The honeycomb design of the rack prevents the bottles from falling out and smashing.
  • It keeps the wine fresh for a longer period as it stores wine on its side.
  • Difficult to assemble because of its compact design.

4. MBQQ Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Racks

MBQQ Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Racks
MBQQ Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Racks

The manufacturer of this product is menbonqiqi. They are renowned for their iconic elegant design. Here, the wine rack comes with a five-stem glass holder, 23.6in industrial metal hanging wine rack, and a two-tier wood shelf. The color of the rack is typically black and made up of wood and iron. The manufacturer offers the product with dimensions of 64.77 x 23.11 x 12.7 cm and has a decent weight of around 5.71 kg. This brand provides us with the best wall mounted wine glass sack/holder online.

  • Have an integrated storage shelf that makes enough space in the cabinets.
  • Gives a modern look to your room with its stylish designs.
  • With the help of instructions, it is easy to install in your home.
  • It can be a perfect gift to your beloved ones.
  • Also, it can be used to stash other accessories.
  • Not use the best iron and wood while making, so damage occurs mostly due to transportation.

5 Sorbus Wine Bottle Stemware Glass Rack

Sorbus Wine Bottle Stemware Glass Rack
Sorbus Wine Bottle Stemware Glass Rack

Produced by one of the emerging brands is Sorbus. This best wall mounted wine glass rack consists of a floating two-tier shelf that easily becomes the platform of 12 wine bottles, photos and collected trinkets. It includes a stemware rack below that provides space for as many as ten standard wine bottles. The two tiers have five rows that fit up to 2 wine glasses per row. (Total ten wine glasses are fitted).

The product comes with a classic black color that is able to pull off any kind of décor. It is primarily made of wood and usually weighs around 4.13 kg. The dimensions of the product are 59.99 x 19.99 x 51.74 cm, which is quite satisfactory from a customer’s point of view as it can easily fit into any space.

  • It has multipurpose storage for wine bottles, shot glasses, books, plants, home décor.
  • One of the best wall mounted wine glass holders in India for its quality design. The rack shelf also has space for champagne flutes, coffee mugs, teacups, aprons, and hanging kitchen utensils.
  • It has diverse uses like everyday use, special occasions like parties, holidays, celebrations, and cocktail hour.
  • Its minimalistic design makes it easy to be hanged.
  • It cannot handle too much force or weight on it..

How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack in India? || Buying Guide –

Hope this query wall solves many of your questions while buying the best wall mounted wine glass holder online. But make sure you follow the buying guide while buying the wine cabinet wall mounted in India.

Before buying a wine rack, there are various factors you should keep in your mind, such as home décor, budget, the material of rack, and rack type.

Here are certain factors that you need to give attention to before buying the best wall mounted wine glass rack:

1. Capacity and Size

You must know your requirement before buying. If you are someone that has a large collection of bottles, then going for high-capacity wine racks might be a wise decision.

2. Décor:

Wine racks also give a significant look to a space. Different styles and designs of wine racks completely change the vibe of that place. So, buy the wine rack according to your taste and appeal.

3. Type of Material:

Wine racks are mostly made of wood and metal. Wooden wine racks are sturdy and have great longevity. They provide an authentic look to the space. Whereas metal wine racks give a modern look to your place. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the material of the wine rack you want.

4. Budget

Before buying something, one must study the cost of the product. And see if the product is worth the price or not.


Long gone are the days when people store their wine bottles in cardboard boxes. Wine racks allow you to keep your bottles organized instead of keeping them here and there. These help to keep the cork in a perfect position that will keep it moist, as discussed earlier.

There is a wide variety of wine racks available in the market:

• Wall-mounted wine racks: These wine racks are mounted into the wall so that it helps to save ground area space and also can be a stylish presentation to others.
• Stackable and Modular wine racks: these are convenient for the growing wine collections. If you like collecting and storing wine bottles, this is the best thing you are looking for.
• Tabletop wine racks: These are smaller and compact as compared to the other wine racks. They are ideal for use on the table, kitchen tops, and shop counters.
• Floor wine racks: Often commonly referred to as traditional wine racks. They mostly serve the decorative function and are made from natural pine or water-based stained options such as oak and mahogany.

First of all, assemble the wine rack according to the instructions, then begin by making stud holes. Use wood screws for stud installation or insert toggle bolts through the wine rack mounting holes for non-stud installation. Tighten the bolt until the wings pop open, then secure the rack to the wall.

Final Words

Wine has become a luxury item in our life. It provides you relief from stress in your hectic day-to-day schedule.

You must have heard about the different health benefits you get by drinking wine. Some of the good benefits can be better blood circulation, antioxidant benefits, preventing heart disease and colds, curing sore throat, helping you stay younger, and many others.

These are a few of the many health benefits provided by wine. Often popularly referred to as the nectar of Gods. According to some surveys, moderate drinking of wine will have many advantageous effects on health.

To get these advantages, you have to drink wine, for that first you have to buy wine and store it. Storing wine in modern days will have modern solutions like stashing it in different wine racks.

There is a diverse range of wine racks available in the market. For getting your desired wine rack, you must know the pros, cons, and important information about the product. These parameters will help you choose wisely the best wine sack available out there.

This article on the best wall mounted wine glass rack has compiled much necessary information that you should know before buying a wine rack. This information is collected by doing a lot of research which will help you make a wise decision regarding buying the wine rack.

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